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A Celebration of Women Writers  This is the University of Pennsylvania's tribute to women writers from all over the world, old and young, dead and alive, from A to Z. Look under "M" and "W." Whoever compiled this list, may the literary angels and publishing gods shine their poetic lights on you.     

ADNU Alumni Website  Wherever our lives' journeys took us, we carry those Ateneo genes within us. For every promotion, for every performance award, for every medal and excellence certificate received, we think Ateneo. For every volunteer work, for every honorable deed, especially the ones kept from the klieg lights, we fall back on being Ateneans. Ateneo is not just a university, it is a spirit. Ateneo is not just a school in Queborac, it is a place in our hearts. Charissa Torrecampo-Noble  moderates the eGroup. According to Fr. Tabora, only 25% of the needy scholarship applicants are sponsored. We all need to do something about this, individually and as a group.  

Ateneo de Naga University   Aaaahhhh! Our School of Profound Affection. The college we'll never forget, the setting of our formative years. This is Fr. Phelan Land, our rector, our mentor, the one we always come home to. Bottomline is, wherever our diaspora took us, all roads will lead us back to Ateneo Avenue with a view of The Four Pillars. Visit this site and you might rediscover yourself.

Colegio de Sta. Isabel HS67  These ladies wish to reunite past friends and classmates in the States, in Canada, in the Philippines, in Europe, in Australia. They want the world. The girls meet regularly. They just met in June 2005 in New York City.

Filipino-European Writers' Homepage created by Gene Alcantara of London. Find out what a small group of Filipino literary writers in non-English speaking continental Europe are up to.  

FLIPS the Filipino literary writers' mailing and discussion list, founded by Vince Gotera and Nick Carbo. This is a recommended site for Creative Writing students and for anybody who has that writing vein.

Frankfurt Book Fair   This is writers' paradise, the stock exchange of the publishing world. Held in October every year since 1948, this fair is the international market place for authors, publishers and literary agents. Applications to the Frankfurt Book Fair Fellowship Programme always start in January.

Our Own Voice  A place for our stories. Come and listen. Come and share. Without our own literature, we are like the interned people in Jose Saramago's novel, Blindness  -- locked into ourselves, disconnected from a source of personal memory and power. In the novel, the main protagonist, a doctor's wife, said, "I shall become more and more blind because I shall have no one to see me." Editor is Reme Grefalda. Associate editor is Singapore-based  Nadine Sarreal, author of the book  "Exactly Here, Exactly Now."

Philippine-American Literary House  is a center for Filipino literary writers, a one-stop place where one could check to find out what's happening in the Filipino literary community or to connect with other Filipino writers and read samples of their works. - Cecilia M. Brainard

The Philippines Rediscovered is a masterpiece on Philippine photography by international photographer Stuart Naval Dee, a Filipino-Canadian. One of the best-designed websites around. Read Stuart's resume and awards. You'd be proud of his Filipino heritage.