about maarte

Maarte was the pseudonym used by Edna M. Weisser when she first started writing. The name stuck. Born, raised and educated at the Colegio de Sta. Isabel and Ateneo de Naga in the Philippines, Edna lived in the United States before settling down in a quaint vineyard village in Germany with her husband.

Some of Edna's essays are published in the following anthologies: 

ALA CARTE: Food and Fiction, ISBN 971-27-18779 

A TASTE OF HOME: ISBN 97-127-20376

NOT HOME BUT HERE: Writing From The Filipino Diaspora, ISBN 971-27-358-X

OUR OWN VOICE: ISBN 971-8517-413

TRANS EURO EXPRESS - Filipinas in Europe: ISBN 3-89502-122-9.

Most of these anthologies are available at the National Book Store.